Mindful Movement for Well Being - Single Sessions

Feel stronger, lighter and brighter– mentally and physically – using yoga-based practices in a supportive, beginner-friendly environment.

  • Each class begins with 15 minutes of education about how the nervous system works and how you can work with it to improve how you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically.
  • Next, 65 minutes of guided practices support a sense of ease in your body and mind through breathing and yoga-based movement appropriate for all bodies and skill levels.
  • We will close with 10 minutes of guided reflections and questions.
  • Each session will have a handout with educational material and take-home practices to continue at your own pace between     sessions and be a resource after the series has completed.
  • This series supports all types of bodies, minds, and experience levels.

October 18


Mindology Mental Wellness Center Midtown Square, 3333 W. Division Street, Suite 100, St. Cloud, MN 56301