Rise Up! featuring Kelly Doss

No matter how perfect she tried to be, her world continued to unravel.  Emotions Kelly deeply buried were surfacing and she had no idea how to deal with them. She turned to the one thing that gave her a sense of power and control in her life: food.  Kelly had always had an uneasy relationship with food growing up, but in her freshman year of college it spiraled into full-blown anorexia.  While in graduate school, she was forced to take a medical leave and enter a residential treatment center.  Kelly was desperate to end the war going on inside her head, but at the same time she was terrified of letting go of the only thing that could manage the painful feelings and memories of her past.  

Now several years into recovery, Kelly Doss is determined to live life to the fullest.  After several years of working in nonprofit leadership roles, she received her life coaching certification and is fulfilling her dream of owning her own business, Resiliency Coaching.  She is officed out of Mindology Mental Wellness Center and works with individuals to remove barriers to achieving their goals, purpose, and living their best life.  Kelly is currently working on her memoir about recovery, resilience, and being the person you are meant to become.  

November 17, 2022


Mindology Mental Wellness Center, 3333 W. Division Street, Suite 100, St. Cloud, MN 56301