Dynamic Body Balancing

What is Dynamic Body Balancing?
DBB is a blend of techniques in myofascial unwinding, craniosacral, and biofield therapies.

The fascia is a soft tissue that wraps every muscle, organ, and bone in your body, in one continuous sheet. Like a sheet of plastic wrap, torsion or matting in one area can create a ripple effect anywhere in the rest of the system. In a body, this can look like aches and pains, mobility and flexibility issues, organ dysfunction and disease, migraines and neurological issues, pregnancy discomfort and labor complications, and even an inability to effectively process and release emotional trauma. These fascial restrictions can occur anywhere in the body, and sometimes hold emotions that may surface during or after a session.

Unlike the sometimes forceful manipulations that are used in physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage, Dynamic Body Balancing techniques use gentle touch to coax the body to unwind its restrictions naturally. The fascia softens and resets itself as the body moves intuitively, or as vibrational energy is directed into the restriction. Sometimes the body recreates an accident or injury in order to bring about the release.

Occasionally, the cause of symptoms is not a structural issue, but an imbalance in the biofield or chakra system. Correction of these issues can involve a hands-off approach, working with the energy of the biofield or through chakra balancing.

The ultimate goal is to restore balance to the entirety of the individual's body, mind, and spirit. This requires a desire for deep, lasting healing, and persistence in the pursuit of that goal.

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